23. Januar 2013

Top 3_4

 Zu finden unter Alltag, Abend, Sport und Schlafbekleidung. Für Junge Erwachsene und Erwachsene.


Haare by Newsea & Cazy
 Lippenstift by Lemonleafs (sina)
                                                  Augen, Wimpern, Skin by S-Club
                                                           Nägel by Lorandiasims
                                                          Posen by IMHO

3 Kommentare:

  1. Wow, love these...Is it possible to make a shirt with long sleeves that's in accessories?
    Cause I got a lot of sleeveless clothing, I want to put in under...
    And can you use the same patterns as you did here?
    And a not see trough one...
    I would be so happy with that.
    If you agree to do this, will you mail me please at theunicorn1@hotmail.com?
    Thanks so much in advance...
    Big hug and thanks for sharing these... :)

  2. I hope I did everything correctly vesta ends. Since I can not so good English. But I try to put it Werder.